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Submit your new single, artist/label mixtape, or album release to be featured on The Radar at DJPanic.net. This is a paid submission with GAURANTEED PLACEMENT on the site. Your submission will be added to the site once payment is verified and approved by our site administrator.

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Enter your name and email address below. We will use this as a point of contact once your submission has been approved and added to the site.

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Enter the title of your song, album or mixtape below.

Add Cover Artwork

Cover Art Upload Instructions:

1. Visit imgur.com and click "New Post" in the top right corner..

2. Drag and Drop your cover artwork for your project into the upload window. (Please note, Artwork must be a minimum of 500px x 500px or it will look distorted/blurry on the website.)

3. Once your artwork has been uploaded, click "Grab Link" to copy your image link and paste it into the form below

Music Embed Code & Link

In order to feature your music on our website, your project must be available within an embeddable streaming player. Enter the embed code and url for a location where your music submission can be streamed. (ie: Spotify, Audio Mack, Youtube, LiveMixtapes, Datpiff, etc...)


If your project is has been digitally distributed and is available for stream/purchase on major services like Itunes, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, etc., You can create and submit a multi-stream link by visiting https://odesli.co/ and searching for your project.

Once you find your project on Odesli.co click the "copy url" button, and paste the link in the field below to be included with your submission. (Please note, only songlink/odesli links will be included in your post.)


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